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Hashtagcodes Blog Post

Are You Kidding?

Nope. We're not kidding.

With only a few remaining states left to license the only 4 #code phone numbers left in the US:

#SSDI (#7734)

#Easy (#3279)

#4Law (#4529)

#4Help (#44357)

We're going to be putting on a major push through the summer of 2022 to finish licensing all remaining states, for all #codes.

In addition to that, we're going to be rolling our new site features, including discounted domain names, low price hosting, email accounts, and much, much more.

Hashtag Dialing Codes, LLC is becoming a formidable player in the advertising arena, with many turnkey adjunct marketing programs, designed to be easy to plug into any business marketing programs.

Our clients, presently using our turnkey marketing assets have been reporting results which are nothing short of spectacular

We make plugging and playing our adjunct marketing tools easy and cost effective. And, only one licensee per territory is permited to use our marketing programs. Exclusivity, low pricing, proven results - that's what Hashtagcodes offers all of their clients!

Sign up in the next month for any marketing program, including our exclusive #code phone numbers, receive 10% off - after all other discounts have been calculated.

Use the promo code "summer#CODE" to claim the additional 10% discount.

We know that our pricing makes it easy to decide to test our products and services for any business.

Territories are exclusive, so act fast, or you'll miss out on our unbelievably effective lead generation tools.



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