Pricing for All #Codes

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4 of the 15 Codes Remain Available

Several States are Still Available

All States are Still Available

All States are Still Available

Several States are Still Available

Calculating The Cost To License A State Or Any Portion of A State Or Multiple States

The cost to license a #code is determined by multiplying a (per million dollar amount) by the number of people residing in a given territory. On this site, we provide visitors with the tools to quickly approximate the monthly fee they can expect to pay to license a #code.

Click on the #code of interest to obtain the (per million dollar amount). Then click on the population maps and charts to determine how many people reside in the area of interest.

(Per million dollar amount) x the population of the territory of interest = the monthly license fee.

We generally offer discounts for larger population areas and most months we have special discount programs in place.

What is most important for interested parties to know is that the monthly license fee established for a #code, using our formula + any discounts is the PERMANENT monthly license fee. Our clients have the right to renew their annual licenses. We only cancel agreements for non-payment. And our clients' monthly fee NEVER INCREASES.


Unlike every vanity phone number agency, no matter how long a client keeps a #code, they will always pay the same fee. Our rationale is simple. Any increase in the value of a #code is due to the advertising dollars invested by our client in branding their #code. We believe that our clients should benefit from their investment, making our #codes not only great marketing tools, they are also great investments. Because we permit sublicensing arrangements, our clients can choose to profit from the increased value of their #code by sublicensing it for much more than the monthly fee that they pay us. In fact, when we receive inquiries about licensed #codes, we send the inquiries to our clients, providing them with an additional opportunity to profit.

For example, if a personal injury law firm licenses #4Law in a state, they have the option of licensing the #code to law firms in their area that practice other areas of law. Should they choose to do so, we will build an IVR that provides callers with the option to "click one to connect with a personal injury lawyer, click two to connect with a criminal law attorney, and so on..."

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Pricing & Availability for All #Codes

Click on the links below for a pricing chart for each #code


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