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How We Became the #1 Local & Vanity Phone Number Experts

Businesses Turn to Us for Their Local and Toll-Free Vanity Phone Number Needs

Our agency has a great reputation in the advertising industry, for creating new brands and enhancing existing brands. Hundreds of businesses, large and small, have put their trust in our unique skill set. Because we can do what other vanity phone number agencies cannot, thanks to proprietary technology and years of acquiring knowledge that other companies simply cannot match.



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Looking for the perfect toll-free number for your business?

Search no further.


Put our team of experts to work for you. We'll find several numbers for you to choose from.


There's no obligation on your part unless/until we find the phone number you want.

How Can We Help You?


Our Agency has been in vanity telephone number business for over 30 years. We have consulted with HUNDREDS of businesses, small and large, about their toll-free number needs

We use our proprietary technology, creativity, and experience to find our clients the best toll-free number for their business.

If there is not an outstanding number available, we know how to dig deeper. We use several strategies that have taken years to perfect. For example, when required, we reach out to companies using a toll-free phone number that spells a word or acronym that we want for a client.

We use toll-free number acquisition strategies that only we know—because we created them.

We advise our clients not to allow cost to be the only reason for not investing in the right toll-free number.

In fact, we have many financing solutions that make it easy to get the best toll-free number for your business. 


Don't be a business owner that “chooses” to miss out on the exceptional branding opportunities that vanity phone numbers provide.



1. We don't ask our clients to spend hours guessing at phone numbers that are probably not available, by filling out the same form that you will find on many sites. Those forms are not up-to-date, and often the phone numbers returned are ONLY numbers that the website owner has in stock.

2. Given that, a business' vanity toll-free number is one of the most important business decisions that many businesses make. We never ask our clients to leave the decision of what phone number to select to a web form. Especially a web form that is not up-to-date and does not include all available toll-free numbers is a BIG mistake. 

3. Selection of a vanity toll-free number for a business requires access to ALL available toll-free numbers. Only the FCC database, maintained by the 3rd party SOMOS, truly has all available and soon to be toll-free numbers.


4. We understand many companies are in the business of hoarding large blocks of phone numbers (which is illegal). Frequently, we must assign one of our skilled vanity phone number acquisition expert to take the steps to get that phone number released.

5. Other than being the best at what we do, because our agency's database includes EVERY AVAILABLE TOLL FREE NUMBER IN THE UNITED STATES, so when:

  • A new toll-free number becomes available, we know it.

  • A toll-free number gets cancelled, we know it.

  • When SOMOS (the 3rd party that issues toll-free numbers on behalf of the Federal Communications Commission) cancels a toll-free number, at our request, they list our agency to receive notice within seconds of it happening.

  • If our client wants a specific toll-free number. We're going to work our butts off to get it.

Advertising With A Vanity Phone Number Accomplishes Many Goals

  • Generating leads.

  • Brand awareness.

  • Defining who you are and what you offer

  • ​​Building a brand with its own value, which gives the advertiser a new asset, which is an investment that continues to grow in value. We coined the term Adjunct Marketing as the name for this phenomenon.

Coupling a Superior Vanity Toll Free Number with a

Matching Domain Name, the Icing on the Cake

For this reason, our agency has instant access to ALL available domain names

  • Our access includes hundreds of newly provisioned domain names with new extensions.

  • We have built proprietary technology that allows us to find toll-free numbers with matching domain names.

  • Other agencies can do this too, but not as well as we can.

Without Question, Mastering the Acquisition of the

Best Toll-Free Numbers Combine Science and Art

  • We've all seen websites that have you plug keywords into an app that searches for local and toll-free vanity phone numbers that match your keyword.

  • These tools are not up-to-date. Only the SOMOS database, authorized by the FCC, is up-to-date.

  • The limited supply of phone numbers that other vanity phone number companies share with visitors to their site in search results always push phone numbers that the toll-free company owns.

  • These companies push their own phone numbers to maximize profits, without regard to what phone number best matches their clients' needs.

  • These companies also require you to use their virtual PBX phone system, often charging outrageous amounts for per minute charges, text messages, and other add-on services.

We Cannot Emphasize Enough, Using Those Types of Websites is Shortsighted

  • Why? Because the toll-free number you select for your business is one of the most important decisions that a business owner makes.

  • The only solution is to hire a company that knows the importance of finding the best toll-free number. A company like ours, that understands the only way to get the best phone number, is to do the required legwork.

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