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Hashtagcodes Advertising Agency has built turnkey adjunct marketing programs you can buy right out of the box. Plug one in, and it will make your phone ring right away. 

Or, perhaps you prefer an adjunct marketing program built from scratch? Our creative team will listen to your plans, ideas, and goals. We will brainstorm several options for your consideration. Once you find a program you like, we build your adjunct marketing program from scratch.

1. First, we find the best matching domain name and toll-free phone number available.

2. Then, we work with you to develop a unique logo and color scheme for your website and other advertising.

3. Next, we build your website using content we create, based on our interview of you and your team, and any other content you choose.

4. Up next, is the production of TV, radio, and print ads.

5. Finally, we can offer many add-ons for your consideration: social media, SEO, SEM, Google Ads, lead and case management CRMs, and many other products and services.

Often, our clients can trademark or service mark the final version of their IP. Some decide to license their adjunct marketing program to others, like our agency does.


We'll create a turnkey, adjunct marketing program from scratch, built to your specifications.

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