Say Goodbye to Your Old, Ineffective Toll Free Number

Toll-Free Numbers Were Great... 40 Years Ago

Toll-free numbers had their day.  Sure it’s been 20 years since a noteworthy toll-free number has been available...  But there are at least a few that are well worth using in a marketing campaign.  (880) Flowers, (800) Matures(s) “leave the “s” off for savings," (800 The. Card.  Maybe a few more.  But most consumers aren’t very interested in memorizing toll-free numbers anymo

Beat Your Competition to the Punch and Call Us Today

With so few #codes in the marketplace, there is no better way separate for a savvy business to move light years ahead of your competitors than to license a #code.  Because businesses that move to license one or more of our #code will celebrate their decision much like the pioneer (and fortunate) businesses that reserved the first vanity toll-free numbers and dotcom domain names.

Don’t kick yourself for having had the chance to license a #code, and then letting it pass you by.  Act and reap the rewards and perks of being early licensees.

Not Just the Best Adjunct Marketing Tool, Our #Codes are Investments

Unlike a licensed vanity toll-free number business, we allow our licensees to enjoy the value they add to their licensed #code through their advertising efforts.  Our agreements include unlimited annual renewals for licensees.  AND we allow our licensees to sub-license and/or even assign their right to license to acceptable businesses with the profit from the increased value of the #code shared by us with the original licensees.​

HDC is a Proud Supporter of the Hotline Directory

Our agency is the principal donor of the Hotline Directory, a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation that was founded by the CEO of Hashtag Dialing Codes, LLC, Noelle Rainer, and her husband, Rob.

The Hotline Directory contains over 60,000 hotlines, helplines, and chat lines and contains detailed information about each agency, including user reviews.

The Hotline Directory is the only unbiased search tool for hotlines - they do not accept advertising, and they rotate similar services for similar search terms.