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Only We Have #Codes & Vanity Toll-Free Numbers

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What is a Hashtag Dialing Code?

A Hashtagcode is an abbreviated phone number that begins with a “#” followed by 3-5 numbers that spell a word or an acronym. For example, #4529 spells #4Law. Advertisements containing Hashtagcode phone numbers have a much higher response rate than advertisements with regular or vanity phone numbers. Hashtagcodes and Pound Codes are pending service marks of Hashtag Dialing Codes, LLC. 

Why Do People Prefer Calling #Code Phone Numbers? 

  • Because #Code Phone Numbers Are Easier To Remember 

  • #Codes Encourage Immediate Action

  • #Codes Are More Fun For Consumers To Dial

  • NO ONE Can Remember Vanity Toll-Free Numbers Anymore

    • There Are Simply Too Many Toll-Free Numbers. With 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, 844, and 833 prefixes available for toll-free numbers, there are 70 million available toll-free numbers versus only 12 #code phone numbers.


If someone is driving along in their car, listening to the radio, and they hear an ad for something they are interested in, it is virtually impossible to memorize a long phone number at that moment. And, of course, they cannot dial that number while driving.

Similarly, when someone is watching TV, and they see an ad with a phone number. They don't write the number down. They call it at the moment. If they mis-dial, or their call goes to voicemail, or the phone rings busy, or the phone rings too many times, they will not call that number again. The show they were watching will come back on, and maybe they'll call the next ad, from a different but similar business, instead.

Or, if they remember the ad they heard, saw or read, they may search for the business on Google. When they do, the business that they heard about on the radio or saw on TV will not be the business that they find on Google. Instead, they'll see a competitor of that business in their search results, and call them instead.

#Codes Easily Solve The Problem Of Hard To Remember Phone Numbers.


A Good Vanity Phone Number Is Still An Outstanding Marketing Tools

The Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”) defines a “vanity” number as a toll-free telephone number that spells a name, word or acronym chosen by the subscriber, such as 1-800-FLOWERS or 1-888-NEW-CARS.

Our #Code Coverage Across the Wireless Carriers


= 30%


= 42%


= 28%

Total Hashtag Dialing Code Coverage as of 2022 = 98%*



Wireless subscriptions market share by carrier in the United States
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