Why are Vanity Phone Numbers are NO LONGER the Best Marketing Tool?

The Vanity Toll Free Numbers of the 21st Century

For the past 40 years, vanity toll free numbers have been used for branding and to drive consumer telephone calls to call centers for anything from sales to technical support to applications for employment.  Of course for a vanity toll free number to be more than just another phone number on a website or at the end of a TV commercial, it must be, (1) easy to remember and (2) unique to the advertiser's business brand.  


However, vanity toll free numbers, which were once incredible marketing tools, have become overused, cumbersome and passe.  Some vanity toll free numbers have withstood the test of time, such as, (800) Flowers, (800) Lawyers, (800) Mattress and (800) 54-Giant.  The owners and licensees of these and several others vanity toll free numbers cleverly jumped on the opportunity to obtain and market vanity toll free numbers before other companies.

Hashtagcodes beat Toll Free Numbers Head to Head 3 to 1

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