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The Hashtagcode's Team is an Experienced Team of Marketeers

Our expertise is in mainly in brand building and the development of turnkey adjunct marketing products. Our founder coined the phrase "adjunct marketing" many years ago, check out the details here. We define adjunct marketing as building an advertising campaign that runs side by side with an existing marketing campaign. In fact, a well-designed adjunct marketing campaign should not add additional advertising dollars to a business' advertising budget.

Because the goal of an adjunct marketing plan is to supplement an already successful marketing campaign. The adjunct marketing campaign should target a different group of consumers. Consumers that the existing campaign does not seem to reach.

To make sure that an adjunct campaign does what we have set it up to do, we encourage clients not to add more money to their overall marketing spend. Instead, we ask them to take some advertising dollars away from an existing ad campaign, and to plug those dollars into the adjunct marketing plan. This gives us time, without spending more of your money, to test and tweak your adjunct marketing plan. 

We work with businesses large and small. Our mission remains the same, no matter who we are working for. Make the phone ring, for as little money as possible per call. The bottom line is, our agency has an uncanny ability to make businesses phones ring with new clients/customers, better than any other company that we know of.

Our marketing savvy extends to all areas of advertising. From our pre-built turnkey advertising tool to taking your vision and crafting it into a supersonic advertising campaign.

The second bottom line, below the first bottom line… is we can do what other vanity phone numbers cannot.

We can create brands from scratch, and we can spruce up existing brands, and make them explode with new business. Hashtagcodes Marketing Agency is the vision of our founder, Rob Rainer. Rainer is a true marketing genius.

Check out a bunch of our #code TV ads, and some great TV ads by our clients. click here.

About Our Founder

Hashtagcodes Advertising Agency was founded by Rob Rainer in 2009. View Rainer's LinkedIn Profile here.

Both before and after establishing Hashtagcodes, most agree, Rainer has had an astonishing business career. We'd like to share with you just a few of Rainer's career highlights to help the reader better understand the value of doing business with Hashtag Dialing Codes, LLC.


Rainer practiced law for 20 years, from 1987 to 2007, earning many awards and distinctions. One of which was recognition by his peers. In 1998, as one of the 25 most influential lawyers of the past quarter-century, by Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly.

One of the 25 Most Influential Lawyers

Rainer's groundbreaking work in lead paint poisoning litigation, see the article, was the primary reason for being included on the list of luminaries, which included Michael Dukakis, Bill Weld, Alan Dershowitz and others.

Rainer Work Directly Helps to End Lead Paint Poisoning Epidemic

Rainer sued landlords across the state of Massachusetts, bringing claims for so-called low lead level poisoning. The lawsuits included motions for preliminary injunctive relief, asking courts to compel landlords to remove lead paint from their properties prior to the cases going to trial. The lawsuits also included claims for treble (triple) damages and attorney fees, under multiple laws and regulations, making the cases very difficult and expensive to defend.

Prior to Rainer's decision to litigate hundreds of low-level lead paint poisoning cases, the CDC considered lead poisoning in children to be of epidemic proportions. Rainer was successful in suing landlords for low lead level cases, including class actions brought against housing authorities. Landlords soon recognized that the only way to reduce their tremendous exposure was to renovate rental old, lead paint infested apartments rented to families with children under the age of six.

How Does One Market for Lead Paint Poisoning Cases?

A different type of marketing. One never attempted by any other law firm. Lead Paint Poisoning Awareness day Official proclamations from Mayor of Boston, Governor of Massachusetts, activities and fun for kids, Boston City Hospital, onsite conducting lead screening tests, Franklin Park Zoo, Gospel Singers, Ben & Jerry's and other free donated food.


Lawyers + TV, Radio and Print Advertising

Rainer's career as a lawyer included pushing the envelope in lawyer advertising. Long before the over-the-top lawyer TV commercials that we see today by lawyers, Rainer's creativity shined. His TV, radio and print ad campaigns, about Insurance Company Bullies, included ads with Rainer boxing against Insurance Company Adjusters

Click here to see a boxing ad, which ran in 2002 to 2004.


Rainer's, far and away, most successful ad campaign to generate leads, was MobileLawUSA ("MLU"). MLU ads were funny and upbeat, especially the jingle that Rainer wrote the music and the lyrics for. 

Click here to check out the MLU jingle here.

Similarly, Rainer insisted upon high-quality advertisements. His ads had excellent production quality, skilled actors, and a real story line. Rainer's ads, as you can see, have survived the test of time. His ads are more sophisticated than other lawyer ads, most of which use talking heads and/or lawyers yelling into a camera about how great they are.

Subtlety. What's that? Click here to check out our agency's funny, upbeat,

well produced ads #code ads. 


That old saying bad campers make for good counselors, or those who do, do, those who can't teach, is certainly not applicable to Rainer's business success and, later in life, his teaching success. Rainer integrated his interest in teaching into his business life early in his career. As a lawyer, he created homegrown systems for handling a high volume of cases, using one of the first known lawyer case management software, RainCase. Rainer hired a computer coding agency to build a CRM for managing the cases in his offices. The system was based upon criteria that Rainer knew would ensure that his associates could handle all cases in the methodical Rainer designed for his firm. With his new system, he knew that neither he nor his staff could lose track of the growing amount of cases his firm was handling.

This meant that Rainer's associates required personal computers, long before businesses realized the benefits of personal computers in the law firms, for example. This also meant that Rainer would have to teach his associates how to use the RainCase software. 

National Lead Paint Poisoning Conferences


The Hashtagcodes Team donates a great deal of money and time to philanthropic endeavors. We embedded volunteer work into our original company mission, and we have followed through on that commitment. The Rainer Family started our nonprofit of choice, the Worldwide Help Alliance Team, Inc., ("What.ngo") a 501(c)(3) corporation. What.ngo does not accept corporate donations, and it is not beholden to any corporate interests. In fact, What.ngo, and the many programs that it runs are volunteer only. What.ngo has no paid staff or executives, as it hopes to be the standard-bearer for the way they believe others should run nonprofits.

If you would like to learn more about the nonprofit work performed by What.ngo, through the generosity of the Rainer Family, please click here.



Hashtagcodes Phone Numbers

The idea for #code phone numbers was one which required Rainer to develop relationships, from scratch, with the 4 major wireless carriers. In 2008, he began calling and reaching out to people at Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless and AT&T. Rainer peeled away at each level of each carrier until he found the right person at each to assist him with his concept of licensing #code phone numbers that worked on all the major wireless carriers in all 50 states. Rainer coined the word "Hashtagcodes" and "Poundcodes," to brand the #code phone numbers, both of which are pending service marks at the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

The remaining team members gladly take over Hashtagcodes, and now assist Rainer with his other business ventures. Of course, despite being retired, Rainer remains the chief creative advisor for our agency. Because, as everyone who knows, Rainer will tell you, his creativity and ingenuity resulted in him being known, across many industries, as a marketing genius.

Rainer combined his marketing genius with an intense work ethic, and a no risk/no reward mentality, resulted in creating many businesses. A perfect storm of skills, and an unquenchable desire to win, were hallmarks of our founder. 


Citizens Disability

One of his better known startups is Citizens Disability. Rainer came up with the idea for the business, approached an investor with the concept, and within a few years not only was Citizens Disability up and running, it quickly became one of the largest disability practice in the country. 

The Advocates & The Advocates International Training Institute


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