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About Us at Hashtag Dialing Codes

The Hashtagcode's Team is an Experienced Team of Marketeers

Our expertise is in mainly in brand building and the development of turnkey adjunct marketing products. Our founder coined the phrase "adjunct marketing" many years ago. Check out the details here. We define adjunct marketing as building an advertising campaign that runs side by side with an existing marketing campaign. In fact, a well-designed adjunct marketing campaign should not add additional advertising dollars to a business' advertising budget.

Because the goal of an adjunct marketing plan is to supplement an already successful marketing campaign. The adjunct marketing campaign should target a different group of consumers. Consumers that the existing campaign does not seem to reach.

To make sure that an adjunct campaign does what we have set it up to do, we encourage clients not to add more money to their overall marketing spend. Instead, we ask them to take some advertising dollars away from an existing ad campaign, and to plug those dollars into the adjunct marketing plan. This gives us time, without spending more of your money, to test and tweak your adjunct marketing plan. 

We work with businesses large and small. Our mission remains the same, no matter who we are working for. Make the phone ring, for as little money as possible per call. The bottom line is, our agency has an uncanny ability to make businesses phones ring with new clients/customers, better than any other company that we know of.

Our marketing savvy extends to all areas of advertising. From our pre-built turnkey advertising tool to taking your vision and crafting it into a supersonic advertising campaign.

The second bottom line, below the first bottom line… is we can do what other vanity phone numbers cannot.

We can create brands from scratch, and we can spruce up existing brands, and make them explode with new business. Hashtagcodes Marketing Agency is the vision of our founder, Rob Rainer. Rainer is a true marketing genius.

Check out a bunch of our #code TV ads. And some great TV ads by our clients. click

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