#Easy + Staples = New Revenue Stream


Cool Use for #Easy by Staples


With the volume of small to large size businesses that Staples caters to, an opportunity exists to tap into a new revenue stream.


Think of it as www.justdial.com meets www.angieslist.com.  The "#Easy Local Business Search Service."


Justdial is the largest local search engine in the world.  Justdial represents a large classifieds service where users can call a common number to request a human operator what products or services they are looking for.  The available, listed businesses are then communicated to the users by Email or SMS.


More than 3 million households nationwide check Angie's List reviews to find the best local service providers, like roofers, plumbers, handymen, mechanics, doctors and dentists.


#Easy provides Staples with the opportunity to tap into their existing customers to create a paid for classifieds service.  By marketing #Easy as a one-stop resource for consumers to obtain instant information with Staples recommended products and services, Staples can connect local businesses with local consumers.


Consumer Side


(1) Consumers dial #Easy to obtain name and phone number of a local business that provides requested product or service based upon a keyword or keyword phrase.

(2) The service is provided to consumers free of charge.

(2) Live operator or IVR system provides name and phone number via voice response and text message.

(3) If there are multiple local businesses in a specific category, if there are multiple businesses in one category - those businesses are presented to consumers in a rotation, so that each business is provided with an equal amount of consumer inquiries. 

(4) OPTIONAL - since adding businesses to the system will take some time, Staples can incorporate the "Justdial.com model" and create its own database of businesses that are not licensees to create and instant utilitarian database.


Business Side


(1) Staples accesses their huge database of small to large sized businesses that are customers of their stores to purchase placement in the #Easy local business search system.

(2) For a modest fee, local businesses are added into a rotation of similar businesses presented to consumers who call #Easy looking for a particular business based upon a keyword or keyword phrase.

(3) Fees charged can be a monthly license fee or a "per call" fee or both.


Advertising "#Easy Local Business Search Service"


To economically introduce #Easy to consumers, advertsing can begin with displays placed in Staples stores asking consumers to dial #Easy from their cell phones for free to be connected with Staples vetted and recommended local businesses.  


Need a Staples recommended plumber?  Need a Staples recommended lawyer?  Call #Easy.


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