Classic Use for #Easy


The classic use for a "vanity toll free phone number" is to drive calls to a call center.  It is commonly accepted in all industries that easily branded and recalled phone numbers generate more calls.   More phone calls equals more business.  This marketing model is timeless.


Better than Any Other Vanity Toll Free Number


#Easy is the ideal "vanity toll free phone number" for this purpose if used by Staples in virtually any type of marketing program.


Because #Easy is: 


(1) easy to remember,

(2) easy to use, and

(3) a one of a kind marketing tool that can not be duplicated


we can anticipate #Easy will be dialed with far more frequency than a typical "vanity toll free phone number."


Cellular Technology


There is the added benefit of knowing that #Easy will be called only from cell phone versus landlines.  With cellular technology the benefits of capturing of cell phone numbers and using text messaging and Internet links in response to calls and inquiries speak for themselves.


No Need to Recreate the Wheel


Whether answering calls live, or using the latest IVR technology, #Easy will create new marketing and advertising opportunities for Staples by continuing to take full advantage of the highly recognizable connection between Staples and the word Easy.

#Easy + Staples Call Center

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